New weapon against Otago possums

by Rob Tipa

To read the latest news about how the Bait Safe is helping the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group become pest free of possums, check out the news article posted on NZFarmer by clicking on the link: New weapon against Otago Possums

Bruce Kyle, Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group


The Bait Safe has been highly successful in field trials and has proven to be significantly effective at excluding rodents, livestock and Weka for efficient possum pest control.

Trials have proven the Bait Safe outperforms other bait stations on the market by attracting a greater number of possums and achieving a higher knockdown rate per bait station. We attribute these results to unique luminous lures on the Bait Safe that glow at night attracting more possums from greater distances.


Made from high quality materials and manufactured in New Zealand the Bait Safe offers a strong and durable bait station made to last in New Zealand's toughest environmental conditions, materials used are resistant to biting and chewing from rodents and are infused with UV protection to survive any season.

The Bait Safe offers a highly weatherproof solution protecting toxins and bait within, providing a tool for long-term sustainable use, that is unmatched by any other bait station currently on the market.


The Bait Safe offers a tool that is suitable for a range of users, regardless of skill level or project size. Making it an ideal pest control tool for do it yourself farmers, gardeners and community volunteer groups.

The Bait Safe is an effective tool for targeting juvenile possums, due to the units safety features that exclude non-targets the Bait Safe can be installed at lower distances to the ground for more effective and efficient possum pest control.


The Bait Safe delivers bait efficiently by keeping the bait inside protected from environmental conditions and from non-targets that would otherwise create waste and spillage of toxins. The Bait Safe is simple to refill by opening the bait station by pulling on the handle and filling to the desired amount.

Design features that interlock Bait Safe units together make it easy to transport in large numbers, creating packs that can be carried by hand and on back.



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