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What bait can I use in the Bait Safe? 2018-07-13T03:07:12+00:00

Almost any bait in any form can be used in the Bait Safe, if buying from local stores as in Farmlands, PGG Wrightson and DairyNZ we recommend looking out for products labelled ‘Connovation’ and ‘Pestoff’ these offer bait in block form which are easier to handle and refill.

What equipment do I need to install the Bait Safe? 2018-07-13T03:15:04+00:00

The Bait Safe requires a torx screwdriver or drill (T25 bit) to install on a tree or post, no screws are required as we supply these with the Bait Safe. We also offer screwdrivers on discount with our orders so the benefit having one to own even, here you can pay for 1-2 or give us a call.

Is the Bait Safe a safe tool to use around pets and livestock? 2019-02-17T09:08:39+00:00

Field trials have proven the Bait Safe is highly effective at excluding livestock and pets when the unit is installed at the safety guidelines presented in the instructions provided on purchase.

Where can I install the Bait Safe, and how far off the ground? 2018-07-13T03:39:09+00:00

The Bait Safe can be installed on the trunk of a tree or on the side of a fence post. For safety reasons we recommend installing the Bait Safe 700mm off the ground, this allows easy access for possums and reduces the tendency for the Bait Safe to get dirty or become unstable from being too close to the ground.

How frequent should the Bait Safe be checked and refilled? 2018-07-13T03:51:11+00:00

In the initial few days after installing the Bait Safe we recommend checking to see if the bait station requires refilling, after the initial phase it may only need to be checked every 30 days. The Bait Safe is highly effective at keeping bait palatable and protected from the external weather so there is no need to service the Bait Safe based on any given weather conditions. We recommend more frequent servicing around areas near domestic animals, recreational parks and humans to ensure its operational use is safe and hasn’t been compromised.

When is it suitable to use the safety lock feature to disable the Bait Safe? 2018-07-13T03:57:23+00:00

The safety lock is a feature that we recommend using when there is no bait in the Bait Safe or when you wish to disable the unit, for example when transporting the unit (with bait in). If there is no bait in the Bait Safe unit when installed we suggest you keep it locked to avoid possums opening the bait station and finding no bait, as this therefore could change their behavior towards wanting to open the Bait Safe in the future.

What shipping method do we use? 2018-07-13T04:01:46+00:00

We currently use Pass the Parcel for small orders, both these methods provide fast service with 1-2 working day targets across New Zealand. For larger orders we use Toll NZ which have are a 24/7 service and deliver to remote areas, as in the Chatham Islands. All orders are tracked under these delivery services and we have product guarantees and insurance if orders do go missing.